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NorCal RespiratoryNorCal Respiratory

Redding November 13, 2012 – NorCal Respiratory, Inc. acquired Intermountain Respiratory from Mayers Memorial Hospital District in Fall River Mills, CA, effective November 1, 2012.  NorCal Respiratory is a provider of sleep apnea and respiratory equipment based in Redding, CA and was founded in 2005. According to NorCal Respiratory’s president Jim Rehmann, he is grateful to be part of the Burney, Fall River Mills and surrounding communities and hopes the acquisition can give the company an opportunity to provide their unique offering of products and services to patients in an otherwise underserviced region.  According to Mr. Rehmann, “It’s no secret that home sleep testing for sleep apnea has been increasing in demand by physicians, patients and insurance companies.  Our experience and success with home sleep testing and sleep apnea management has helped NorCal establish a strong presence in the Redding medical community.  Extending those services up the 299E corridor should come as a natural choice for medical providers and patients looking for the convenience of sleep testing at home along with saving thousands of dollars on their medical bills.”  NorCal Respiratory can be contacted at 246-1200.