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Leaders in Technology – Patient Focused

NorCal Respiratory incorporates the leading edge of technology with patient focused care to help make lives easier, more comfortable and to help patients Breathe Easier. Our staff are experts in all the newest respiratory technologies and dedicated to helping meet your individual respiratory equipment and service needs.

Home Sleep Testing

Sleep apnea has been clinically proven to contribute to such debilitating diseases as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and a host of other important ailments that can affect a person’s quality and quantity of life. Diagnostic home sleep testing has been proven to be comparable to in-lab testing when diagnosing sleep apnea, and it eliminates the inconvenience and high cost of spending one or two nights in a sleep lab struggling through the sleep testing and CPAP titration process. NorCal Respiratory has a dedicated team that are experts in sleep apnea testing and management, and have an unprecedented record of success in helping patients acclimate to sleep apnea treatment and enjoy life again.

Home Oxygen

HomeFill® oxygen systems have been providing convenience and unlimited portable oxygen for thousands of North State residents through NorCal Respiratory. These systems offer the world’s smallest oxygen tanks that you can refill at home! NorCal was the first company to bring this technology to our community, making them the area’s leading experts in patient training, maintenance and operation of these systems.

If you’re on oxygen and want to fly across the country or just get away for a weekend at the coast, now you can use a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. NorCal Respiratory has these FAA airline approved models – the newest and most advanced oxygen concentrators available.

No other company has this!

NorCal Respiratory is utilizing new technology to provide the greatest convenience and patient satisfaction.

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